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M5 Manual thermostat

Stock: 80 pc
M5 Manual thermostat
  • M5 Manual thermostat
  • M5 Manual thermostat
  • M5 Manual thermostat

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Suitable for almost all electric under tile heating systems
No need to work out how to program
Ideal for intermittent use
Floor temperature sensor with 3m cable included
Full installation & operating instructions included
1 year manufacturers warrenty
Maximum switch rating of 16Amps (Please see advise below)
LED to indicate when heating is on

Technical Data

Voltage: AC230V
Power Consumption: 5W
Setting Range: 5...40ºC
Ambient temperature: -5...50ºC
Protective housing: IP20
Housing Material: Anti-flammable PC
Certification: CE
Floor Sensor: Rubber-Thermoplastic NTC Sensor with 3m cable.

N.B. Although the thermostat is rated to 16Amps, we strongly recommend that you do not load any thermostat to the full extent of its 16A relay contact rating. It is good practice to restrict the load to 2kW~2.4kW (10A~12A). The relay is rated according to the requirements of EN 61810-1:2004 and EN60730-1 which are not representative of 'real life' applications but an arbitrary test method. Critically, relay contact life is affected by loading and at 10A~12A the contact life is more than double its life at 16A.

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