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D10 (HT-CS01) Touch 4,3" thermostat
D10 (HT-CS01) Touch 4,3" thermostat

The difference between thermostats for electric heating systems and conventional thermostats is that probes with bi-metal sensors are attached to the heating film, heating mat or any heated surface allowing controlling temperature on the film / mat level.


Application Electric Heating Systems
Voltage 230V AC,50/60Hz
IP  IP21
Screen TFT color touch screen
Max. relay load 16A 3600W
External sensor NTC plus accessories
Standby power consumption 2VA
Setup precision +/-2 Celsius, interval 0,5 Celsius
Relay size 65mm
Measuring range 5-40 Celsius digital
Sensor type floor and air, NTC sensor accesories
Thermostat placement M9.716 lowering / highlighter frame 

Floor and air temperature adjustable independently

Product warranty 1 year

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