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Likewarm Heating Mats

  • designed for installation into thin adhesive beds, leveling compounds or thin screed beds beneath tiled and wooden floor finish
  • 150w/m2 heating mats are suitable as a primary heating source providing you have adequate insulation. These are our most commonly used mats for kitchens, dining rooms, large bathrooms and most other areas with tiled floors
  • 200w/m2 underfloor heating mats are generally used in areas where high heat loss is a problem, such as conservatories. These mats are only suitable under tiled floors, giving a 25% faster warm up time.
  • 100w/M2 are used in a good insulation houses or in passive houses. Or used as a secondary heating source where other heating is available
  • Like warm uses a twin conductor heating cable for easy installation and yery low EMF
  • The mat thickness of only 4,00mm enables underfloor heating installations into most quality two-part adhesive with a minimum increase in floor height
  • Only one cold tail for ease of installation 2,5 meters
  • Self adhesive
  • Flexible
  • 100% screened